"What He Said" | SUPER BOWL 50

The most anticipated car in Acura’s history, the 2017 NSX, was coming, and everyone seemed to have something to say about it. Sure, there were those who thought it took too long, or wasn’t close enough to the original. But the ones who saw it, or better yet drove it, were nothing but excited. And for Acura, that’s all that matters.

Because Acura doesn't measure success in metrics, but on the feeling you get when you drive. So, instead of singing our own praises, we pointed to the car and let the world do the talking.

Agency: MullenLowe, Los Angeles, USA
Responsibilities: Concept Development | Art Direction


"What He Said" Extended Cut :60

Director: Joe Wright, Sibling Rivalry


Broadcast :30

Director: Joe Wright, Sibling Rivalry


Not only was this Acura's first Super Bowl commercial in years, but the subject of the ad was a hot discussion topic among fans. As details of the NSX remake began to surface, so did outtakes of our commercial, saturating channels with sneak peaks at the building, design, and performance capabilities of Acura's most impressive car yet. 

"See You Sunday"

"Its Good to be back"